Funny Felix (2000)

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Original Titles: Drôle de Félix
Genres: Comedy, Foreign,
Release Date: 2000-04-19
Language: Français
Production Company: Pyramide Productions
Country: France
Runtime: 95 min

A man considers the fine line between friendship and family as he crosses France by foot. Felix is a cheerful thirty-something from Normandy who is gay and HIV-positive. Felix has never really known his father, and after he receives some old letters his dad wrote to his mother, he decides its time they talked. Figuring his father’s whereabouts in Marseilles, Felix hits the road, planning on hiking cross country and meeting up with his boyfriend. Along the way, Felix’s open-hearted charm allows him to make several new friends, and before long he’s bonded with a number of people he’s embraced as a surrogate family: an elderly woman with regrets about her life; a single mother who can’t find a stable relationship; a teenager coming to terms with his sexuality; and a cousin interested in kites with whom Felix has a brief fling. As Felix moves onwards, he and his new friends ponder the notion of family — is it defined by blood, or by your heart and soul?

Director: Olivier Ducastel
Producer: Philippe Martin
Writer: Olivier Ducastel
Editor: Sabine Mamou
Stars: Sami Bouajila (Félix), Pierre-Loup Rajot (Daniel), Patachou (Mathilde Firmin), Charly Figuiere (Jules), Ariane Ascaride (Isabelle), Maurice Bénichou (Fisherman), Christiane Millet (Patient in bi-therapy), Adrien Auzias (Antoine), Philippe Garziano (Railroader), (),

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