Secret (2007)

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Original Titles: Bu neng shuo de mi mi
Genres: Fantasy, Drama, Thriller.
Release Date: 2007-07-27
Language: English
Production Company: Sil-Metropole Organisation
Country: Hong Kong
Runtime: 101 min

Ye Xiang Lun is a music student majoring in piano who just transferred to Tamkang, a school famous for its musically talented students, especially those who play piano. On his first day of school, he hears a mysterious melody being played, and following it meets Lu Xiao Yu, another piano major. When he asks her about the song she was playing, she tells him that it is a secret that cannot be told. The two form a friendship that quickly evolves into a romantic relationship. However unbeknownst to Xiang Lun, there is more to Xiao Yu than initially meets the eye.

Director: Jay Chou

Writer: Christine To

Stars: Jay Chou (Ye Xiang Lun), Kwai Lun-Mei (Lu Xiao Yu), Anthony Wong (Chiu), Alice Tzeng (Qing Yi), So Ming-Ming (Yu's mother), Huang Jun-Lang (Ah Lang), Zhan Yu-Hao (Yu Hao), Song Jian-Zhang (Ah Bao), Du Guo-Zhang (Da Yong), Huang Xin-Yu (Ice Cream),

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