Spiders (2000)

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Original Titles: Spiders
Genres: Horror, Science Fiction, Thriller.
Release Date: 2000-01-01
Language: English
Production Company:
Country: United States of America
Runtime: 94 min

A DNA experiment on a rare breed of spider is taking place on a NASA space shuttle, when a freak meteor shower engulfs the shuttle, causing everything to go horribly wrong. One survivor is found on the ship and watched over in a secret location deep in the California desert. The problem continues, as the survivor isn’t alone, as another deadly spiders climbs out of him and goes on a rampage around the ship. Curious reporter Marci Eyre must now survive, escape and warn everyone before the spider reaches outside the desert.

Director: Gary Jones
Producer: Boaz Davidson
Story: Boaz Davidson
Editor: Christopher Holmes
Stars: Lana Parrilla (Marci Eyre), Josh Green (John Murphy), Oliver Macready (Slick), Simona Williams (Loretta Martindale), Mark Phelan (Agent Gray), Leslie Zemeckis (Emma), Billy Maddox (Colonel Dixon), Mark Totty (Commander Hooper), Jonathon Breck (Jacobs), (),

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