The 51st State (2001)

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Original Titles: The 51st State
Genres: Thriller, Action, Comedy.
Release Date: 2001-12-07
Language: English
Production Company: Film Council
Country: Canada
Runtime: 93 min

Elmo McElroy is a streetwise American master chemist who heads to England to sell his special new formula – a powerful, blue concoction guaranteed to take you to ‘the 51st state.’ McElroy’s new product delivers a feeling 51 times more powerful than any thrill, any pleasure, any high in history. But his plans for a quick, profitable score go comically awry when he gets stuck in Liverpool with an unlikely escort and his ex-girlfriend and becomes entangled in a bizarre web of double-dealing and double-crosses.

Director: Ronny Yu
Producer: Malcolm Kohll
Screenplay: Stel Pavlou
Editor: David Wu
Stars: Samuel L. Jackson (Elmo McElroy), Robert Carlyle (Felix DeSouza), Emily Mortimer (Dakota Parker), Meat Loaf (The Lizard), Rhys Ifans (Iki), Sean Pertwee (Detective Virgil Kane), Ricky Tomlinson (Leopold Durant), Michael Starke (Arthur), Anna Keaveney (Shirley DeSouza), Paul Barber (Frederick),

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