The Foul King (2000)

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Original Titles: 반칙왕
Genres: Comedy,
Release Date: 2000-02-04
Language: 한국어/조선말
Production Company: The Foul King 2000
Country: South Korea
Runtime: 116 min

Dae-Ho is an unproductive bank clerk who is late to work every morning and the object of his manager’s frustrations. He was a fan of TV wrestling as a child, but can’t get out of a headlock. He finds a local wrestling trainer and through a series of events eventually starts to train. He is slowly transformed as he begins his second job as the cheating villain wrestler known as the Foul King. He starts to stand up for himself in odd ways that are not really in his own best interest. Events get out of hand as conflicting influences come together.

Director: Kim Jee-woon
Producer: Oh Jung-wan
Writer: Kim Dae-woo

Stars: Song Kang-ho (Dae-Ho), Jang Jin-young (Min-young Jang), Jang Hang-seon (Jang Chil-sam), Park Sang-myeon (Tae baek-san), Song Young-chang (Manager), Jung Woong-in (Choi Du-sik), Shin Goo (Dae-Ho's father), Ho-kyung Go (), Kim Su-ro (Yu Beeho), Jung Doo-hong (Main Referee),

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